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  1. in issue 18 there is an artical about delta 9 labs. it states that they dry in 15 degrees and store in minus 18 degrees but is dosnt say temperature scale that is. is it fahrenheit or celsius?

  2. Hy

    Good information, can i use your article on my site?


  3. чтобы добавлять свои статьи, обязательно ли регистрироватся?

  4. never seen this magazine until i spotted it in a gas station magazine rack.. Always read high times but this magazine goes much further into health issues, laws, advocacy, and much more. I love the magazine and it’s long overdue. Keep up the great work. Anita Black Michigan

  5. michael william joinson

    my name is michael w. joinson, I work for a financial services company that consults with businesses in the mmj industry offering solutions for high risk merchants. On the side i have just started a non profit called the always growing green society whows sole purpose is to offer top grade medicinal cannabis to people who have government exemption or r card carrying members of legit already established clubs are club will be called T.A.G.G.S. Dispensary and will be open for business in Maple Ridge B.C. Canada this February for info contact us @ taggs420@live.com

  6. Hey guys,

    Love the magazine, and its wonderfull to see you releasing the older issues for download, as i couldnt afford to buy them even if they were available in Australia!!

    Would love to see any articles covering Bipolar Disorder or Generalized Anxiety disorder, as “the man” has always told us it makes them worse. Because of weed ive been sober 9 months and counting!!!

    Keep up the good work, you make high times look like what it is.

  7. Hi Paul & All,
    The article in issue #18 was written about Bedrocan, the Dutch authorized medical cannabis facility here in the Netherlands. They operate their conditions hydroponically. Delta-9 Labs exclusively uses organic foods and soil amongst other methods.
    Our drying time, manicuring procedures as well as general operations varies from them as well. You can contact us at info@delta9labs for more details. Highest regards, Delta-9 Labs

  8. Thanks for all you guys do i have been very active in this world for about a decade and i hope to de able to write and spread true knowledge aout the plant & its genetics and hw they can help so many puople that are out there suffering because a doctor won’t perscibe them medical marijuana or they may not even accept it due to the myths peopl have been to their whole lives. Thank You

  9. I have to say, every time I come to treatingyourself.com there is another fascinating post to read. One of my friends was talking to me about this topic a few weeks ago. I think I will e-mail them the link here and see what they say.

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