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  1. My friend is on his way to a medical center about 4,000 km away to have his machine adjusted. The automatic drip thing is not working any more to kill the pain enough for him to sleep. He sounded bad on the phone and said he has not slept for 4 days. I actually suggested to him that he should try some heavy Indica but we do not have a compassion club here and though you can buy weed locally, you do not know what it is.

    The reason he has had constant pain for many years is that a surgeon screwed up. Long story.

    Just thought I’d post here a little story of why marijuana should be legally available, easily, and in different strains. The government would rather fly my friend 3 provinces away than allow a proper breeding, research, and production facility.

    This will change.

  2. Re: Mike

    If you really are writing a paper let me first suggest you use proper capitalization. All upper case except, ironically enough, the greeting makes you seem unstable and perhaps a person who shouts at people randomly on the subway.

  3. I am a disabled exemptee and can show anyone how to supply themselves with organic cannabis. I do not charge for my services to the disabled community.

  4. I’d like to thank Treating Yourself for the well laid-out and very informative mag…. ..and this site.

  5. My Name is Ryan McIlvenna, I am a Health Canada Applicant my application was received on Nov 4th 2009, Health Canada called me back on December 4th to say that my application was all in order and that all they had to do was contact the Dr. about the daily amount. On Jan 17 2010, I was pulled over bringing my daughter for an allergy shot. I had just under my monthly limit and presented the officer with the signed application as my card had not come in yet. He arrested me and my 17 year old for possession for the purpose and Health Canada did nothing to back me up. I plead guilty to get my daughter off and am looking at 6 months in jail. My sentencing is in early March. To date my Dr. says that no one from Health Canada has contacted them.

  6. My name is Lou. TY magazine brings power and hope to people in need of being treated with a natural medicine. Marijuana has been apart of my life for 8 years now. I have just recently discovered medical marijuana and know its my true calling in life. Being medical marijuana provider would be a dream come true. Knowing that I would be able to supply people in need with a medicine that actually works is my life long goal. Would anyone have any information for me in regards to finding a patient and become a provider. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again.


  7. Hey i am a caregiver in Montana and have several patients. Your mag is hard for me to get its over 300 miles to purchase. wanted to see if you would do a deal if I got 5-10 subscriptions at once id like to get one for all my patinets, i think its the most educational medical marijuana mag Ive ever found! Also can you guys set up a contest to meet subcool, haha i grow all of his strains thats medical grade pot…anyhow always wanted to meet him! Thanks for the excelent mag!

  8. I am interested in talking to subcool, i have a 700 plant grow operation, and am a caregiver for 1000 people. My grower constantly talks about your expertise, and I think it would be beneficial for us to talk. Thanks

  9. i live in iowa, and cant find any good pot can anyone help me? im on disablity and dont have alot of money

  10. Let me share with you a little of my own experience w/ the Herbs.I am a bit of a novice, my introduction to herbalism came from My maternal Grandmother who was a bit of a “Wiccan” Healer (Mom called her a “White Witch” we didn’t know the word “Wiccan” then!) whenever we kids got cut or sunburned or tummy aches , she would send us to her garden for this or that herb ,which she would brew into some honey sweetened concoction , say some ancient words over it, and Walla! the road to recovery!!! The whole thing was a process and a ceremony! Being a participant in our own recovery also gave us faith in the cure. ( and Grandmas gentle hand and kind words guaranteed that we would feel better soon!) My adding cannabis to my program came later when I started getting serious migraine headaches in my 30″s complete with visual hallucinations, light/sound sensitivity and nausea!The prescription pills were just too debilitating and nauseating , I realized that I had to choose between the reactions to the meds or endure the Migraine!(NOT!!!) Out of desperation , I grabbed my trusty old Bong, not sure if the smoke or coughing would help or hurt , but when you’re writhing on the floor in pain , you’ll try just about anything ( M.D.’s seem to count on this) After a cuppa strong coffee and couple of bong hits (and they did hurt a first) I was relaxed enough to fall into a deep healing slumber to awake relatively pain free!No more pills! But lest this all seems a little nature biased, my Paternal Grandfather was an M.D. who would send us boxes of pharmaceutical samples and yet so many of them seemed to either address only the symptoms of illness or be so powerful, it was like going after a fly w/ a shotgun.So my conclusions seem to be balanced in my mind having tried both methods.Herbs can harm as well, they must be also used w/caution and respect! Often a combination of western med w/ herbalism can be married effectively in the hands of the right healer! But cannabis has never given me anything other than a kinder, gentler, relief from ailments that I have been prescribed side effect ridden ,Soma Vicotin and hard drugs for , with the only side effects being euphoria or the munchies! We alternative healers and herbalist need a forum , network and academies of learning so that these ancient arts can be coupled with new knowledge and passed on to healers and M.D.’s world wide!

  11. robertw333@nnmt.net please contact weedmaster@treatingyourself.com for subscription follow-up information.

  12. I am a 46yr old mother, since my oldest son was 5months old I ruptured my first disc in my back. I had my first knee surgery at the age of 17 and have since had 20plus surgeries since, many major. I have also ruptured 2 other discs and herniated 4 more. I have had 2 major back surgeries. This has all happened in the past 17yrs. Needless to say I live my life in constant pain and am a prisoner in my own home. I am unable to walk more then 20ft w/o extreme pain and spasms and I am unable to stand on my own for more then 2-3min. The pain meds I am on only give me relief for about 2hrs and I have to take 3x the amount perscribed to get that effect. The only thing that seems to help along w/my meds is marijuana. I have no connections in Iowa as I am new to the area. My surgeon in Missouri will provide me w/ a perscription for medical marijuana, I just don’t know where to get it or if I can obtain in from another state. If there is anyone who can help me with this extremely important situation I would be very greatfull.

  13. Jeffrey w Kennedy

    Hello, My name is Jeffrrey w Kennedy, I am Disabled, I suffer form painful Neuropathy of the Feet & legs, Failed Back Surgery and Depression, I live in Florida, Palm Beach County. That is where I was arrested for trying to grow medical marijuana to treat my Nerve pain. On June 28th 2010 my trial starts, My Attorney will file a Motion for the medical necessity defense. We our in searh of experts and public support, If anyone can help. Please contact kennedyjeffrey@bellsouth.net
    Thank you,
    Jeffrey w Kennedy

  14. Hello Marco and SW ampgrass has been to long all i can say is wow hope all is well been awhile for me fell into the oxy hole but im budding on a old friendly path where all you feel when you jones is a bit of a migraine for a few instead of years peace Smokeyb333

  15. in am very pleased with treatment provided by Dr. K of Chronic Disease Consultants in Temecula CA. He shows compassion for his patients and is skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Pain Treatment as well as shows thorough understanding and psychology behind chronic pain and suffering.

    I have suffered from Arthritis during the last 10 years and have seen several doctors California to the East Coast and tried all types of medication with no or limited success.

    I am now seeking natural and herbal alternative medicine and that dramatically shown immediate improvement in my overall medical condition without pain and health risk associated with man – made pharmaceutical medicine.

    I am now able to take full benefit of Proposition 215 in the legal and safe use of Cannabis, more popularly referred to as Pot / Weed or Chronic, in the treat the treatment of Chronic Pain, ( Arthritis ) and Migraine. It also shows promise in the treatment of other debilitating diseases and ailments.

    I am a patient who is seeks alternative treatment and should not be treated as a Criminal. Pr0p 215 allows me to exercise my rights as a citizen and be protected by Law instead of fearing the Law.

    The medical use of Cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain and suffering has been documented over the centuries and used by tribesman in Africa and Gurus / Wise Man of India and Middle Eastern Regions through the centuries with great success as I personally witnessed and experienced them .

    Its finally here in California and 16 other States to followed…

    Live and Learn !!!!

    Thank you and more power !!!

  16. The hardest part for most patients medicinally using for the first time in their lives is not always taken care of. I was getting my recomendation renewed and I met a gentalmen who was 75 and had gotten of all things prostate cancer. He much like a lot of us could not take Vikidine, Codine, or most of the good pills. His Doctor told him to try medical marijuana. He was waiting for his paperwork as was I, when He leaned in and asked me, “How do you know what kind you need?” I was sort of supprised to hear him ask that, because who knows??? He had never been into”pot” in the 60’s by his own account. It dawned on me that Dosage is one issue that is discressionary, yet no one really sits down and discusses the benifits and differences with you until you go to the dispensarys. Then unless you go to the right one it is a crap shoot. Also “Western medicine doctors” are handing out the marinol pill. This is the worst idea since synthetic crack!!! If you want to help sick and dying people don’t give them shit that makes it worse. I Know 3 people who are very very sick and have been prescribed this pill. Not one has had a positive reacrtion to it. Find your strain, to ease your pain, stay off the pills they’ll hurt your brain!!!


    THANKS408-480-6825 JOHN

  18. Marco,
    Hey it mike in Montana, hows your day going?
    I would like to get you mag in our collectives.
    let me know what to do.
    Michael J. Smith
    Executive Director

  19. HI!!
    We’re introducing a brand new product to the medical marijuana market, “The Vapor iNhaler”. Our patented compression system allows you or your client to compress herb vapor into our portable glass canisters, up to ½ oz, and dispense with our inhaler dispenser unit, just like asthmatic sufferers use. This gives users the ability to have complete mobility with no herb, pipe, vaporizer or lighter. Just take your inhaler and go. Using the iNhaler is simple, convenient and saves vapor.
    We have lucrative reseller and affiliate programs available. Please check out our website at: http://www.thevaporinhaler.com for more complete information.
    If you are a Collective, a Pain Management clinic, Holistic Medicine center or other, you may want to pass this info along to your client base for their information.
    Please feel free to call 1-877-241-3182 or email us at vaporinhaler@msn.com

    The Vapor iNhaler Team
    ……….Where no Vapor has gone before…………………..

  20. I live in oregon and just recently started using medical marajuana and man what a differance. I do not use near the amount pharmacutical prescriptions as before for pain. The one problem that I had initially was that because of the small town I live in it took me awhile to hook up with a grower. but now things are fine thanks to bubba cush. why didnt we have this years ago? Take care my fellow card holders

  21. Hi Marco,

    Thanks for all the great work you do and the donation of the info you sent me, We need more out spoken people.

    If anyone wants please be a guest on my FM radio show.

  22. To find out more about iGrow, please check out some of the links below. We are the largest hydroponic superstore in the world, and are actually the first to openly talk about marijuana. Given our prominent position within the cannabis industry it seems fitting for us to throw our own 420 event. . The date of our event is Monday April 19th 2010 at 4pm

    We’re going to be blasting our event on the radio, on bulletin boards, all across the Bay Area with dispensaries and even on local and national news. It’s going to be a big event. Our grand opening reached nationwide media as well as 1000+ in attendance.

    In addition to the vendors our 420 EVE event will also include live music, a DJ, food, drinks, a grow class, $1,000s of giveaways and a comedian. The event is free for the public to attend.

    If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for our event feel free to fwd. your contact information and or contact me directly. We have 57 total booths available for the event.Booths range from $100.00 (basic) to $2,500.00 (title).

    iGrow LLC
    70 Hegenberger Lp.
    Oakland, CA 94621

    iGrow LLC
    70 Hegenberger Lp.
    Oakland, CA 94621
    877.77.iGROW (w)
    510.774.4769 (f)

    ♻ Please consider the environment before printing this email.

    As seen on:













    “Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it.”

    CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATION. This e-mail message and any attachments are
    intended only for the use of the addressee named above and may contain
    information that is privileged and confidential. If you are not the
    intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution, or copying is
    strictly prohibited. If you received this e-mail message in error,
    please immediately notify the sender by replying to this e-mail message
    or by telephone. Thank you.

  23. Hi I`m Anthony cash I`m a disabled veteran us army I`ve been in 2 bad car accdents had over 300 trips on a operating table, I`m 51 years old been smoking for pain releif for 30 years in michigan, I`m so happy there is a compassion club in Ypsilanti michigan now ! I can buy my smoke from them there and wit my medical marijuana card issue by the state of michigan I hae no fear of law enforcement . what happend to me was the surgeon mess me up real badly i cannt get no female pregnat , my pain hits so hard dnt eat nothing for days at a time . but when i vape or smoke a blunt in seconds my pains are gone not fo good but long enough for me to eat drive and have a much better life than what i had, now i`m learing to make cookies brownies and cup cakes all out of marijuana can travel again now too , try some good bud t get like me you will enjoy your life alot more like I do now

  24. I have a medical marijuana exemption in B.C., I have a grower now but am forced to pay for my subscription.. I am on disability and can’t afford the $1,000 a month for my medical marijuana.. Can anyone find me a grower in my area and or show me what I need to grow.. I was told to ask for Rocco.

  25. I need some information from ANYONE that can help. I live in North Dakota and my dad has stage 4 melanoma cancer. We have been told that medical marijuana is illegal in this state and cannot get it for him. Is there any place close that we can go to get it and we hear now that it is in pill form for cancer patients. Is this true ????? Thank you for your time !!!

  26. Hi Marco,I was wondering if you’d had time to deal with my subscription yet.I wrote to you some weeks ago to subscribe,along with a cheque from my partner-Anna Schlapp.We both checked your stall out at the UK expo,i was having a smoke out back when “someone” at your stall gave Anna some Cheese x skunk#1 Bx2 seeds.Well i’ve got to say they’ve done Venus seeds proud,really nice smoke-Thank You.I’m sure your busy and International post can be problematic,lets hope the mail goes smoothly,unlike the Heathrow BS you told my Mrs about which sounded a nightmare.We couldn’t make the big one in Holland,hope you and the mags got there ok and had a great time.Thanks again,Sean.

  27. Hi TY, I love your magazine. I just thought you’d like to know about this event in Toronto that happened on 420. I was there, as you can see me on the front page. Yes, I swear to The great gods of cannabis that is me. The article was about the 420 celebration peace rally, and how a man brought a gun and apparently pistol whipped someone, but he got arrested. I thought this was an absolute outrage because marijuana is about peace love and freedom. It actually quite upset me. I also did not know my picture would end up on the front cover of the Toronto Sun. I was just there with my friends for the rally and we all just started getting our picture taken. I didn’t mind because I am proud of smoking pot, it’s better then alcohol and cigarettes. But the photographer did not tell me I was going to right on the front page. Once I saw it the next day I thought it was quite great…and funny. But some people did not. But I don’t really care about what others think of me. Anyway, I was no where close to the man with the gun. But I really don’t want you to think Toronto is unsafe, it’s a great city. Some people all over the world are just not peaceful, and choose violence, which is not always the best choice. But just so you know the celebration was very lively and lots of fun other than the short unfortunate incident.
    I thought you’d just like an update over here in T.Dot.
    Hope you have a good four twenty!
    Peace Love Happiness Ganja
    Emma Falkner -Reefer Girl

  28. hello Marco
    long time no see hope all is well
    I would like to have a meeting with you.

  29. Marco, Mark here at MardiGrass. Bob Melamede here with me too. All cannabinoid endowed now, at very high levels. TY spot in MG program looks terrific!!!! Will send you several copies. Also, got you Polite Force T-shirt! You will love it.
    Cops all over the place. Me and Dr Bob nearly got busted when cops did a surprise walk through Embassy bunker, while we were medicating with joint and extract.
    TY so popular here. I have been dropping copies around for folks to read and share.
    20,000 people here for tomorrow.
    Having a blast.
    Be safe mate.

  30. The Global Marijuana March for Hungary will take place in Budapest on Margitsziget, May 9. 2010 (Sunday) and officially starts at 4 pm.
    The number of protesters are already going to be in the low thousands, as is indicated by the more than 1200 participants who have signed up for this event on facebook.

    Please support us by inviting all you facebook friends to this event and in any other way that will draw attention to this.
    A new, conservative government has just been elected with a two-third majority. The political left has been wiped out, neonazi movements are gaining momentum and only the people themselves can act against the erosion of civil rights. Help us spread the word, we need all the help we can get.

    Global Marijuana March Budapesten: Legalizációs Piknik – 2010. Május 9. (vasárnap) Margitsziget – Nagyrét, Szállodáknál

  31. Want to change people’s minds about Marijuana?

    Dear Friends:

    I’ve written a NEW flier “Good Plant! Bad Law!” And I believe it’s going to change a lot of peoples mind’s about marijuana, and get many in the Christian Community on our side, and help us legalize medical marijuana for everyone – As God intended! – So please print a copy of the flier at http://neweden.org/mm.pdf, and make copies, and leave them on car windshields in Shopping Center and Church parking lots. For together we can reach millions before election day and abolish this unjust law forever!

    Thank you, and God bless you!
    Sincerely, Jim Atto neweden.org

  32. I need to get a volcano cause I live in a appartment where it would be a hassle to smoke and contain the smell for one. To make things worse the Doc. said I can not smoke so with very limited founds and no steady supply do to knowing little about growing my medicine, and no friends who do. So my only way to get one is win it please someone tell me how many volcanoes did Treating Yourself give away in 2009?

  33. Colorado Medical Marijuana Festival will be happening on Sunday, May 30th in Longmont, Colorado.
    Over 50 vendors will promote understanding and awareness at the most compelling
    Medical Marijuana event of the year. Through entertainment and enlightenment, the
    Sacred Herb Fest will provide the opportunity for members of the community to learn
    more about medical marijuana and its many benefits. This annual celebration is open to
    the public, 18 years and older, for people to engage and explore in this growing industry.
    The Colorado Medical Marijuana Festival will highlight the best in the industry, and
    promises to educate, empower and enlighten through medical marijuana and will
    reverence unity in the community.

  34. First and foremost, good job! I am always looking for medical marijuana patients that would like to designate me as their grower. Is there a FREE service out there that connects patients with growers. If not, there should be. Sincerely Yours, rbarnes.

  35. Greetings to Marco and the TY Crew,
    Just wanted to say high and to let you know that our new varieties will be released at the end of the Summer!
    Take care and best regards,
    Ed & The Delta-9 Labs Team.

  36. i am all;owed to smoke pot leagally but can not afford it on disabillity so any help with my problem iwould appreciate any answers you or any one can give me how can we afford to have my medicine without paying hundreds of dollars back to government and living on barely enough food to survive every month i have had my licence for five years and not every month i can affford it anybody got free pot

  37. We would like to introduce ourselves, Compassion Associates. We would appreciate any feedback you could offer us about our cause to promote medical marijuana in New Jersey. Please view our site http://www.compassionassociates.org. And feedback or help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Warm Regards,

    Mark Bowman
    Director, Compassion Associates

  38. Phillip Marburger

    I live in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Recently I found out that Iowa legalized the medicinal use of marijuana in the mid 1970’s but has a law that still makes marijuana a schedule I substance. Our pharmacy board recently ok’ed the medical use of MJ. This quote explains our problem pretty clearly

    Lloyd Jessen the board’s executive director “said the board cannot establish a distribution system… See More for medical marijuana, create a list of medical conditions that marijuana could be prescribed for, set criminal penalties for violating the law, or put in place a quality control system without legislative action.”


    I am looking for a way to get relevant information from the other 14 medical states so that I can submit it to the legislature, the pharmacy board, Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana, as well as for my own records. I will take any type of information you have to offer from links, contact information, or documents.

    I am a mentally disabled Iraq vet that also has seizures and i get the best relief from medical marijuana. It keeps my anger down, helps me eat and sleep and does a better job at controlling my violent thoughts then the medications they keep putting me on. I will take any information, contacts, links or any direction you can point me in.

    Phillip Marburger

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